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    Application form

    Post  Admin on Mon Feb 16, 2009 12:21 am

    Please fill copy the info below and paste it into your applications and fill in the blanks.

    Once you have made an application please put a pink (^v') at the end of your name so we know you are waiting for a tryout.

    Favorite class:
    Favorite weapon:
    How long have you been playing ET:
    What other clans have you been in:
    How did you hear about |TRC|:
    Do you agree to wear the clan tags:
    Why do you want to join |TRC|:
    Real first name:
    Can you speak fluent english:
    XP on our server:
    msn, xfire, other:
    Have you read all of the rules:
    Are you familiar with using a forum:
    Do you agree to be active on the forum:
    What can you offer |TRC|:
    Are you looking to donate for high admin:
    Do you agree to read the rules, follow the rules, and enforce the rules without abusing your admin:

    Please contact a Council member or higher to get a tryout

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